Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greener Spoon?

We are a platform that provides tools to help you make more informed grocery decisions. We research products, and provide information about their health and environmental impacts. Right now, we are focused on plant based milks. We recommend you use our Plant Milk Scanner while shopping to learn more about the ingredients in your favorite plant based milks

What is the Plant Milk Scanner?

Greener Spoon’s Plant Milk Scanner can scan the barcode on plant milks, and tell you how healthy and environmentally friendly that product is.

How do you use the Plant Milk Scanner?

Watch this 2 minute video on how to use the Plant Milk Scanner on Greener Spoon.

How do you define high risk and low risk ingredients?

Greener Spoon has researched over 180 ingredients and additives in over 1000 individual plant based milk products, and has assessed the risks associated with each ingredient.

We classify an ingredient’s risks on two dimensions: that ingredient’s impact on your health, and that ingredient’s impact on the environment.

Ingredients can be scored as low risk, low-moderate risk, moderate risk, moderate-high risk, and high risk.

These scores are all relative to each other, and based on findings from scholarly articles, academic studies, and other reputable institutions. To learn more about the research behind an ingredient’s score by clicking on its sources link under its health and environmental impact.

How do you define high risk and low risk overall products?

A plant based milk product’s summary score is based on the scores of the ingredients in it.